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As well as for individual companies, performance profiles can be developed as averages for industry sectors or geographical locations.

Thus an organization’s score can be benchmarked against relevant average performance profiles. The organization can then identify where they need to improve and focus management effort on that area.

Synergis have already carried out a fmPROFILE®review of 11 leading organisations in Hong Kong including:

The results have been amalgamated to produce a fmPROFILE® Hong Kong Index which illustrates common practice in Hong Kong. This allows any organisation to compare itself against both best practice and the fmPROFILE® Hong Kong Index. The current fmPROFILE® Hong Kong Index is shown below. As fmPROFILE® reviews are carried out on more organisations the scores will be input to the Hong Kong Index.

Organisations can also use the fmPROFILE® tool as an ongoing process to improve and develop the FM function by carrying out the review on an annual basis and using the results to identify and set targets for improvement for the following reporting period. In effect they can use fmPROFILE® to set, measure and report on their FM function key performance indicators, comparing these against previous years results, best practice and the market index. An example of this is shown below:

This is the approach taken by The Hong Kong Jockey Club who have used the fmPROFILE® process as a driver to improve the capability of their FM function over the last few years.

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